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Wondering if open networking is right for your data centre? Learn all the basics of open networking and how it can help your business with your very own starter kit.

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Building a web-scale network enables

efficiency, scalability and cost reduction.


There are many ways FocusNet Technology is bringing unmatched flexibility, agility, efficiency and savings to the data center network. The business benefits are clear, but it’s the technical innovations that make them possible.

In partnership with Cumulus Networks, FocusNet is providing a game-changer solution that is simpler, cheaper, faster, more automated and more secure than any proprietary vendor that has come before.

10 technical reasons why Cumulus provides unparalleled tech.


95% Faster Deployment

75% Raised Efficiency

ReducedCosts60% Reduced TCO

Customers1500+ Customers

Removing the guess work with complete access to the source code.

With traditional, legacy network providers, an organization has very limited access to the source code, meaning you’re dependent on a third party for troubleshooting and support.

Since Cumulus is open and based in Linux, you have full access to most of the code. We believe this empowers the user to troubleshoot under his/her own expectations and get support from the community quickly. This means less downtime, quicker bug fixes and continually optimized code.






Would you like to be able to provision a large-scale data center in minutes?

Not really into manually provisioning your network box-by-box? We’re not either. Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) enables network devices to be quickly deployed in large-scale environments.


Automation as a force multiplier

We already discussed how ZTP allows you to handle initial configurations in minutes, but initial configuration is just one facet of automation.

We can effortlessly utilize common automation tools like Ansible, Puppet and Chef as well as uncommon ones or custom scripts to better support your application. You can even install Ansible directly on a Cumulus Linux switch and use your out-of-band switch to deploy Ansible playbooks against the rest of the infrastructure — how’s that for doing double duty?






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What are people saying?

34% of the Fortune 50 have already adopted Cumulus Networks technology.


"We were able to move away from a Fibre Channel/SAN framework to a more modern way of supporting our business growth"

George Hewitt
Infrastructure & Development Manager at Perth Radiological Clinic

"The support team was excellent - they were knowledgeable and responsive."

Sid Stuart
Director of Operations at OpenWager

"Manual configuration is no longer needed for provisioning new racks, applying new policy or responding to security advisories. The lifecycle is now entirely automated."

Alan Meadows
Chief Architect at NephoScale



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