"SaSe means a cloud first,
secure agile business, a necessity
with the high demands of
cloud based workloads."

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Is your network complexity overloading IT and slowing down the business?
It is time to make the network simple!


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Managing complex networks built with multiple third-party products is not just difficult it is a headache.

And, outsourcing complexity to a Telco results in a slow and rigid service. Why? because the Telcos, like your IT team, have to manage and support products they don’t own or control.

The FocusNet Solution



Secure Access Service Edge (SaSe) means a cloud first, secure agile business, a necessity with the high demands of cloud based workloads.

With FocusNet's converged SaSe cloud service not only is it more affordable, innovation happens at cloud-speed and expert support is always there.

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We Have The Only Secure SaSe SD-WAN Service Designed For The Digital Business

Secure Access Service Edge, or SaSe as Gartner now refers to it, is the fusion of security into Software Defined WAN solutions. FocusNet underpinned by CATO Networks is empowering enterprises with the visibility and control they need to connect, secure, and run their networks, with the support of expert managed services.

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Lower Costs
Faster Innovation
Better Service

A managed SaSe SD-WAN service enables businesses to move away from a network built with rigid and expensive MPLS services along with a bundle of complicated solutions to a simple, agile, and affordable network.

With FocusNet you have the power to connect all enterprise network resources, such as branch locations, the mobile workforce, physical and cloud data-centres, into a single global and secure, managed SaSe SD-WAN service.

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Join our connectivity experts and discover the powerful benefits of FocusNet's managed SaSe SD-WAN



Security as a Service

FocusNet's Security as a Service enables networking and security teams effectively protect the corporate network from today's rapidly changing threat landscape.

Our unique characteristic is the convergence of the networking and security pillars into a single platform.

Convergence enables the collapse of multiple security solutions such as a next generation firewall, secure web gateway, anti-malware, and IPS into a cloud service that enforces a unified policy across all corporate locations, users and data.

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Advantages of a converged service

As a managed service, customers are relieved of the burden of upgrades and updates - a big resource hog. Additionally customers don’t need to size or scale network security.

All traffic passing to FocusNet's licensed security services will be handled according to the customer-specific security policy while FocusNet is taking care of the underlying infrastructure.

As part of the service a dedicated research team of experts continually monitor, analyze and tune all the security engines, risk data feeds, and databases to optimize customer protection.

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Converged Network & Unified Security

FocusNet's Security as a Service enables organizations of all sizes to apply enterprise-grade traffic everywhere. Data centers, branches, mobile users, and cloud resources can be protected under a unified policy and with the same set of defenses.CATO-Cloud-Flow

This managed SaSe SD-WAN service seamlessly optimizes and adapts security controls for emerging threats without any customer involvement. Traditional chores associated with appliance-based security, such as capacity planning, sizing, upgrades, and patches, are no longer needed, offloading that responsibility from security teams.


***All 24 Month Subscriptions Include Free x1500 Socket

OR Free NWB 100/40 Service


Designed with
Mobility in mind

Mobile users were always an afterthought from a network design perspective so they are not supported by MPLS and SD-WANs. But they are now a major part of how business is done and Cloud SaSe SD-WANs support them as part of the core WAN architecture.

FocusNet's managed service extends the full range of its network and security capabilities down to the mobile user.

All user activity is protected by the built-in network security stack, ensuring enterprise-grade protection to all users everywhere.

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The Outstanding
Features & Benefits

  • Single Cloud Service
    Converged networking and security provides self-service
    management, fast deployment and lower costs.

  • Global Routing Optimization
    End-to-End, including last mile and middle mile optimization.

  • Full Network Security
    Integrated security stack reduces risks and costs,
    and simplifies management.

  • Fast Cloud Access
    Built in optimization for cloud DC and apps with a global cloud
    network and no virtual appliances.

  • Mobile Support
    Extends security and global network optimization to mobile users.


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What Are People Saying ?
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Even with a large telco and lots of backup lines, we found that our MPLS went down too often. When there was an outage it could take up to two days to get up and running again. The business is moving very fast. Now with Cato we can match that speed on the network side
David Brouwers, IT Infrastructure Manager at New Wave Group

One of the big benefits of Cato SD-WAN is that you don’t need extremely expensive hardware to build your connections. As a matter of fact, we have even better experience with basic equipment than with very advanced. The Cato software takes care of all intelligence around things like VPNs and firewalls.
Jeroen Keet, Senior Network and System Architect, Kyocera Senco

Cato is the Apple of SD-WANs. You give an iPad to a one-year-old and watch him browse through the apps. That's what I see with Cato. As soon as my network engineer logged-into the management system, he was a master in 10 minutes.
IT Manager at EduTech

Now our inventory database stays current because with Cato our connectivity is so solid. If there’s a brownout or even a blackout on one line, Cato auto-connects by itself
– Mike Zidaj, IT Manager at Aquila


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